Proud sponsors of FitPro

ELLESPORT are the proud womenswear sponsors of FitPro

Fitness Professionals Ltd, is the largest professional fitness development company in the world. Today they have over 150,000 members in 84 countries, and deliver high-quality programmes, publications, products and services to each and every member.

FitPro members come from many different specialist areas – group fitness, resistance training, nutrition, management, personal training, seniors, sales and boot camps – the community is rich and diverse.

Every year, FitPro invite their members to London for an inspirational event, FitPro LIVE: a weekend of education, discovery and fun, where you can learn from world-class presenters and experts in all the specialist fields. The organisation offers training opportunities to every member throughout the year, with the aim of helping members grow their knowledge and achieve greater success.

Whatever your specialism and experience, FitPro have a membership option to suit you, including an exclusive insurance policy tailored to suit fitness professionals and created to give members peace of mind. FitPro also bring you the latest trends and fitness knowledge in Fitpro magazine, a printed and online publication every professional needs to read to gain a competitive edge and stay at the cutting edge of this fast-paced industry.

FitPro are proud to serve their members as a worldwide industry leader.

To find out more head over to the FitPro website.