by @KarlaTafra


Yoga creates a symphony in your body which results in better muscle toning, tighter core and a higher level of flexibility, balance and strength. Practicing regularly shows progress in a small period of time which motivates you to go further with even more drive and commitment. The beautiful thing about yoga is that you can attend different classes with different teachers and get a different feeling every single time. It's completely dependable on the way the teacher presents it to you. What all of them have in common is the magnificent Flow from one position (asana) to another which creates a true Art in Movement. Even though the physical is only one small element of yoga, it's most widely spread due to its fast body-changing results. Instead of sweating in a gym on a treadmill listening to the same playlist on your iPod and counting down the minutes, yoga creates a peaceful environment for the soul and yet - your body is working like crazy!


The variety of positions make sure that every muscle in your body gets activated and working during your practice. People with chronic pain in their joints or back fall in love with yoga pretty early on because of its magical way of working on their main issues and releasing the pain. The health benefits of yoga are getting more and more recognized every day and a lot of physicians started recommending yoga to their patients.

The 3 most common benefits are:

1. Improving flexibility

If you’re a starter, you probably won’t be able to touch your toes, never mind do a backbend. In a few months you will be amazed by the progress your body will make. Every muscle in your body is connected. When one of them gets more flexible-the others will follow.

2. Gaining muscle strength

Using the sole weight of your own body, you can do magical stuff to your muscles. They will not only be able to endure more - they will start to tone themselves and look amazing too! Lifting weights in the gym may get you there faster, but usually at the expense of losing flexibility. Yoga combines the two creating a perfect way to use the full potential of your muscles.

3. Creating better balance

By practicing regularly, your core will start activating in every position. The flow of yoga has it all - from standing, sitting and lying positions to inversions and balancing on your arms or one leg. Every aspect gets its portion of work. The more you practice; your body gets familiar with shifting balance and finding your body’s centre more easily.

Nowadays, everything is a trend. Yoga is a 'trend' which is definitely worth following. Not only will you look good - you will feel good. There are a thousand yoga studios all over the world, amazing retreats and global events which draw yoga lovers to share their passion and practice together. Also, if you're not fond of practicing in a group, many teachers offer private classes and now there are a couple of amazing webpages with yoga videos so that you can practice in the comfort of your own home. So start today and see the difference in your body sooner than you think. There really is no reason not to :)