Women often feel that if they start to lift weights then they will start to gain a crazy amount of muscles and will begin to look bulky and like a muscly man. But this is most certainly NOT true!

Lifting in the Gym

So ladies go hit up those weights in the gym!

7 benefits of lifting weights for women:

1) One of the biggest advantages of lifting weights is that even AFTER your workout, your body is still burning fat!

2) It can help to reduce the risk of heart disease.

3) It increases your energy levels.

4) Helps to decrease stress from your life and develops a positive mind set to your life.

5) It’s so much fun, once you start, you’ll love it!

6) One of few treatments for cellulite.

7) Develops curves and boosts confidence levels!

Our advice; ditch the 2 hour long cardio sessions and go grab those heavy weights girls!!

Kettle bells