One of our favourite UK escapes is the amazing “5 bubble rated” Ragdale Hall Health Hydro and Thermal Spa, which is nestled away in the rolling countryside of Leicestershire. The facilities are housed within a glorious Victorian building which blends together the luxury of modern living with the grandeur of historic architecture.

Ragdale Hall

Ragdale Hall is a must visit throughout the year but is particularly beautiful in the summer months when you can get full use of the landscaped gardens and outdoor swimming pool. If you are unlucky enough to get a chilly day, don’t despair there is plenty to do indoors; from the waterfall pool to saunas and steam rooms galore. Personally, our favourite room though is the candle pool where we could spend hours floating in the warm water listening to soothing music.

Candle Pool at Ragdale Hall

Many of the packages include treatments but if you have the chance we would highly recommend one of the Floatation treatments. When you are first lowered into the tank it feels like a very surreal experience, however you soon relax into it and the world does just float by! All of the therapists that we’ve had the chance to meet have all been super friendly and attentive to every need.


So if you are looking for a spa break or even a short stay-cation ELLESPORT would highly recommend Ragdale Hall. If you want to book we suggest checking out their offers page or even download the new app which includes exclusive offers.