With the weather getting hot, Bhavnita, the senior ELLESPORT stylist shows us which sale items she has added to her shopping basket this week to keep her cool in the UK heatwave.

Utopia Woven Shorts

“I love the feminine prints of Utopia and how the tropical prints just scream summertime! The Utopia Woven Shorts are the perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe, not only do they have all the technical elements that you expect from a sports short but they are also stylish so can be worn on holiday whilst on the beach or sightseeing. With 50% off this particular style you’d be insane to pass by this bargain!”

 Soft Drape Kimono

“Another favourite of mine is the Soft Drape Kimono in black, this piece is so versatile. I’m just planning my holiday wardrobe and this one is definitely in the must-take pile. I’m going to Valencia this year, so will be using this Kimono to cover up whilst lounging by the pool but also as a throw on while walking around the historic city to protect my shoulders from the (fingers crossed) blazing sun.”

 Sea Aqua Ombre Vest

“From a trend perspective, I am lusting over the Sea Aqua Ombre Vest. The whole Ombre Collection is selling really quickly and I can totally see why. Simple lines that are easy to wear no matter what size you are, accompanied by a chic gradual ombre in the radiant Sea Aqua tones. What is not to love about it?!”