Look one - Smoky Eyes for days

Want a true, classic Smoky eye? Learn how to below.

Step 1 - Start by applying a primer. I have used Stila one step correct for this look. Smooth all over and wait a minute to dry.

Step 2 - Then use Bare Mineral Bare Skin concealer all the eyes from the inner corners all the way under the eyes and work into the skin to get rid of any dark circles, and conceal and blend over any blemishes.

Concealer wih Sooz Mac

Step 3 - I have then used one of my ultimate foundations, Armani luminous Silk. So light weight but with a fantastic coverage still.

Step 4 - I then draw on my eyebrows with Tom Ford eyebrow sculpture in 02 Taupe. This has a chiseled edge which helps to create a fantastic arch.

Step 5 - Next comes the fun part! Taking a black kohl eyeliner, I draw it all over the top lid creating a blackout effect. Colour over the ball part of the lid, going into the inner corner and then taking it all the way under neath the eye also into the inner corner. Then take a small eyeshadow brush and softly work it over the liner to soften the edges and warm up the liner on the lid. Then I use one of my all time favourite eyeshadow palettes, Urban Decay's Smoky pallette. Using the colour Black Market on the same small eyeshadow brush, pad it all over the liner on the top lid to create an intense black eye. Then using the small brush a little more on its side, smudge the residue of the brush over the lower lashline.

Step 6 - Add your mascara now to finish off the dark effect on your eyes.

Step 7 - Now for cheeks, using my favourite Bobbi Brown shimmer brick over the cheek bones to create a gorgeous sheen. I use the colour pink quartz.

Step 8 - So to finish with my lips! Starting with a Laura Gellar lip liner in Twig, I use it to line the lips and colour them in. I then add a nude lipstick all over and finish with gloss for a beautiful sheen and your good to go!

Smoky eye


Look two - Liquid liner and rouge lips

Teaming two classics together this look is quick to create and leaves you with a beautiful Audrey pout!

Step 1 - apply your primer all over. I have used Bare minerals neutralising primer to eradicate pink cheeks.

Step 2 - This step is always a key one- conceal! Using my YSL Touch Eclat I apply it all over the under eye area and any blemishes.

Step 3 - Then apply your foundation of choice. I'm using bare minerals Blemish Remedy foundation along with the seamless buffing brush, giving a full coverage without getting any flash back from your camera as it doesn't have an SPF.

Step 4 - Onto the eyes I use a light colour to highlight the whole eye area, taking it all the way up to the eyebrows. I've used Laura Gellar in Portofino as it really brightens the eyes. Then using a medium eye shadow brush take a bronze/ gold eye shadow and apply it over the whole lid avoiding the inner eyes. Leaving the inner eyes out creates a more open eye look as your not closing them in with a dark colour. Then I take my liquid liner, give it a good shake and start creating a line. Using the felt tip body, touch it gently over the lid in a horizontal motion which makes it easy to start building up a line. Once you have established the start of the line, stroke the liner over the lid towards the outer corner until you have built it up enough for the look you desire. When the line is thick enough, add you mascara making sure you really seperate the lashes for this look.

Step 5 - Time to define the brows! Using my HD brow pallete, I choose the appropriate colour for my brows and use their expertly chiseled brush to give great colour and great shape.

Step 6 - For this look, I like to use Benefits High Beam on my cheek bones for radiance. Stroke around 4 times over the cheeks and blend into the skin with your finger tips and add blush to the apples of the cheeks for a pop of colour. I have chosen Urban decay's blusher in Obsessed.

Step 7 - To finish off this look, I make sure my lip pencil is super sharp to give a really defined edge to my lips. If you go wrong, don't panic! Grab a cotton bud with a little eye make up remover on and erase where necessary. Then you can add a little concealer to the area and try again. Next add your red of choice. I have chosen to use a slightly matte lipstick and after applying it all over the lips, leave it without gloss for a really sophisticated look!

Finished Look!


Look three smokey eyes all silvery and grey

Learn how to softly blend over the eyes and adapt it with ANY colour, from bronze to greens. Any colour works with this method!

Step 1 - For this look I start with a primer all over, my Stila one again. Then I have chosen a HD concealer pallete for my concealer of choice this time. It gives incredible coverage and is wonderfully smooth and creamy making it easy to use.

Step 2 - Next apply foundation all over for your flawless base. I will then use a matt bronzer to create some subtle contouring. Run your blusher brush through the bronzer, taking care not to pick up too much. Then apply it over your temples next to your hair line. Repeating this, apply the next swipe of bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks. The best way to do this is to suck in your cheeks and feel the hollow that your create. this is the area that you want to apply the bronzer onto. The last swipe of bronzer is half way along the jawline towards the ear. This gives a chiseled look and really shapes the face.

Step 3 - To finish the cheeks, I choose to use my Bobbi Brown shimmer brick which incorporates pinks and bronzes to lift the cheek bones.

Step 4 - Now for the eyes. I am using my Urban Decay smokey pallete again, but different colours from it. Start with a large eyeshadow brush to apply High all over the lid up to the brows and into the inner corners. Then using the same brush, smooth Armour over the whole lid lightly to create a soft grey lid. Then pick up a smaller eye shadow brush and dab it into the colour Slanted. Apply this into the crease of the eye and blend into the lid, concentrating the colour into the crease. If you desire a darker look, then add a deeper colour. Always blending it onto the ball of the eye, running your brush backwards and forwards along the crease. I am going to do this using a small amount of dagger. I then use a liner brush to apply the colour Slanted along the outer two thirds of the lower lash line, again you can go as light or dark as you wish.

Step 5 - To complete the eyes, apply mascara and define the brows to shape the face, and of course add some gorgeous false lashes! I have chosen my favourite Nouveau natural style one pair.

Step 6 - To finish this look, we move onto the lips. I have chosen a simple lip for this look. First apply MAC nude lipliner in whirl to the border of the lips and then colour in the whole lip. Then follow with Bare Minerals moxie gloss in the colour rebel.

Perfect party look

Now all that's left to do is put on a sparkly dress and PARTY into the festive season!


Suzanne x

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