by @KarlaTafra

A hi-tech modern gym can never beat practising outdoors on a beautiful sunny day. Fresh air, no crowds and hey, you might even get a tan! But, there are some things you need to be careful of… Enjoy a few tips on how to make it even sweeter!

1. Choose your gear wisely!

First and foremost, the sneakers you wear for the gym are definitely not a match for an outdoor workout. Depending on the exercise and the surface, different type of shoes are created to avoid any possible injury. Second, choose your apparel according to the workout. Shorts and crop tops may not be your best choice for running through the woods, but they're perfect for yoga on the beach.

2. Take care of your stuff!

Going to the gym has an advantage of locking important things up. Before going to your workout, make sure you really NEED the things you take with you. It would be better if you could just leave it all at home, but if you can't, try to take as less possible. Nowadays, you can find amazing accessory equipment which will not get in the way of your exercise. Arms straps, colourful eyewear, bottle belts and wireless headphones are just the tip of the iceberg - and they look cool too!

3. Don't forget to stretch!

Practicing outdoors may make you skip your stretching because there's “no way you'll sit on the floor“ but that doesn't mean you can't do it differently. Get imaginative and use what you have around you. A branch or a fence can be used for support and a bench can definitely stretch out those legs. Don't limit yourself and have some fun!