The coconut craze is still going strong so here at ELLESPORT, we want to let you know how you can REALLY use your coconuts.

From health and beauty, to drinking and cooking, a coconut can come in many forms and has many health effects. Here are a few that we feel are the most useful:


-Hangover remedy
-Boosts hydration
-Reduces blood pressure
-Can help speed up weight loss
-Cold busting chest rub
-Helps to banish eczema
-Makeup remover
-Hydrates lips
-Helps to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy
-Helps gum health
-Naturally whitens teeth
-Can be used for shaving; before and after
-Tanning oil
-On cuticles to help them grow
-Gets rid of cradle cap on babies
-As a hair mask
-Helps pains