So, it's summer already and although you may have been working hard to get summer ready, there's a few extra things you can be doing to keep your body happy this summer!



Unfortunately not the alcoholic kind! Drinking 8 glasses of water a day keeps you hydrated and your insides and outsides happy and healthy! Try taking a bottle with you everywhere with you to encourage your daily water intake and aim to drink it before a certain time of the day, then you can fill it up and get brownie points for exceeding your daily intake! You can always add fresh fruit to your water to zing it up a little. Try adding slices of lemon, lime and even orange for a fresh twist!

Another great way to stay hydrated is coconut water! Fresh from the coconut UFC Coconut water contains 100% straight from the coconut water and it tastes delicious! No fat either which is an added bonus!  Find it at Holland and barrett.

coconut water

Maintain that bikini body...

It's hard when your constantly on the go to keep your body fuelled with the right things. But with a few snacks in your bag you literally can't go wrong!

1; Protein balls are my FAVOURITE handbag snack, homemade or shop brought, they are full of goodness and energy. I like to make my own on my day off which takes an honest 10 minutes and then I have them available for around 2 weeks, that small effort goes a long way! One of favourite recipes is deliciously ella's honey and cinnamon bites, they are just delish!


2; Nakd bars along with others also have a really honest ingredient list and are great to throw in a bag before leaving the house. Available in over 10 flavours and they keep growing what they have to offer. My favourite at the minute is their Cashew cookie well worth trying especially when you run out of tasty protein balls!


3; Another really cheap option is fruit! Oranges and apples travel really well and are full of vitamins too, why not try and aim to have at least 2-3 pieces a day while you are out and about. Bananas travel really well too, why not mix it up a little!?


Body brushing is the FUTURE!!

Did you know that dry body brushing can get rid of up to A POUND of toxins a day!! YES, a whole pound! Dry body brushing is an amazing way to keep your body smooth on the outside. But the results on the inside are as good if not better. What the firms bristles do, are push the toxins towards your lymph nodes, which in turn makes your body more efficient! AMAZING for cellulite, water retention, poor circulation, slugish bodies, the list goes on... If cellulite is something that you cant shift, yet manage to drink loads of water and you exercise and eat well, this is a little addition that is a complete game changer! Use it in upwards movements towards your heart, and always clockwise around your tummy. Try doing a 2 week challenge along with drinking lots of water and it definitely make a BIG difference.

 body brush