Growing up with brothers I was always competitive, but also had a very girly side. My mom would always braid my hair before going outdoors or for a big race, she taught me to braid my hair myself, and so now I’d like to share some of those tips with you.

I had long curly hair growing up which would always get tangled and messy, so now you’ll always find my hair up in some sort of fun braid style before a long run, workout or race! Here are a few of my go-to hairstyles. Why not have pretty hair while you workout?!

Some of the materials you’ll need:


Style #1: Dutch Braids.
If you know how to do to a french braid this will be pretty similar, except this time do it reverse. Divide the hair down the middle.

Divide hair

 I braided one side already so we can start on the next one. Start at the top, separate a small section of hair into three strands. You’ll be crossing them under each other, essentially doing the same pattern of going under, over, adding more hair as you go along.

Starting the braid

Start off by grabbing the strand on the right hand bring that one under the middle strand and over the one in your left hand. It will feel as if everything just shifted over to your right hand, so don’t worry.


The strand that was on the left will end up in the middle and this time add a little more hair when you’re crossing the hair under then over. Don’t forget to keep adding hair as you go down. You’ll repeat the steps for however long you’ll want the braid. Tie the braid at the end of your hair with a small elastic band.


 You can wear your hair with two single braids OR tie them together to keep them out of your way.

Braid together

Hairstyle #2: High Ponytail with Fishtail Braid
This style is a lot easier to recreate. Tie your hair back in a single ponytail. Here I decided to tie her hair into a higher ponytail.

You’ll begin with two small sections of hair at the top of the pony tail. Cross the right section over the left, creating an upside-down ‘v’. Next, add hair from the left side and bring it OVER to the right, and again add hair from the right side and bring it OVER to the left. Repeat this same pattern and make sure you’re pulling tight, and keep each section in both hands. 


It will get thicker as you go down, sometimes it ends up looking more like a single braid so make sure to grab thinner pieces of hair, and separate the two sections in each hand.

You’ll run out of extra pieces of hair to grab, so this is when you’ll just ‘reuse’ your hair, and again keeping just the two sections.


Keep doing these steps until you get to the end of the ponytail and again tie with an elastic band. I pulled the fishtail out just a bit to make it look thicker.


Hairstyle #3: The Bubble Braid
I call it the bubble braid because of the cute little bubble it creates at the end. This is a very easy style to create. And it’s a style that can be done on almost any hair length.

You’ll need 4-8 hair ties, again, depends on how long your hair is. Section off the top half of your head, just above your ears, and tie your hair. It will look like you’re wearing your hair half up.

Half up

Grab the second section and tie your hair adding the hair from the first ponytail.You’ll repeat the steps over again, and keep adding the ponytail from the previous section.

Keep repeating

Keep doing this for however long you’d like to. Once you’re done, go through each section and pull the hair just a bit and this should create a little bubble. And voila you’re done!


Give these hairstyles a try for your next race or workout!

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