Guest blogger - Sooz Mac: Professional makeup artist for over 10 years, tells us how to look fab whilst exercising. 


Work out and look great at the same time…

We all know working out makes us feel great!  But unless it’s just me (and I’m sure it’s not!) I don’t always feel I particularly look great whilst doing so! There’s a certain type of gym goer that seems to ooze effortless gym chic in their co-ordinated outfits and fresh faces, and run on the treadmill without breaking a sweat and look good at the same time. (It’s just not me!) However, I have found these ways to look good while burning those calories at the gym and I’m going to share them with you….for real!!


1 The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!

Now being a Semi-permanent make up artist, I hold this one close to my heart! Semi permanent make up is growing so fast in it’s popularity and media coverage in the UK, and it is only getting bigger! Literally one of the best treatments available right now especially for gym goers, no more sweating off your eyebrows!! This treatment offers eyebrow, eye and lip treatments. Eyebrows for me are the perfect addition to your work out! They add definition to your face and make you look altogether more groomed. It is amazing what a good set of brows can do! The treatment takes around 2 hours which includes a consultation, and you return 4-8 weeks later for your complimentary top up. Cost varies, and you can pay anything between £350 and £700. I personally charge £395 and this is due to the area I work in, which is in the Midlands and also because I did my training with Nouveau Contour who are UK market leaders. With results lasting anywhere from 12 months onwards, it sounds too good to be true, but it really isn’t! Click here for more information.

2 LVL Lashes, curled lashes without the eyelash curlers

Who has time or the inclination to curl their lashes before hitting the gym? I  don’t for sure!! My trick is to get one of the hottest treatments that is out there on the market done to make me look like I’ve got dark curled lashes without having to do anything to them myself. Sounds perfect, and it is! Nouveau LVL lash lift takes around 40 minutes to perform and the results last 6-8 weeks (and they really do!) The treatment induces no discomfort and is a great look with or without mascara. Nothing false added to the natural lashes, just a great curl, lift and fantastic tint. Also great to have done for holidays, and amazing for all you swimmers out there.

3 Tinted Moisturiser

I wonder what I would do without this sometimes, seriously! Tinted moisturiser makes me feel that little bit fresher and look altogether better. (I LOVE Espa’s Tinted Moisturiser RRP £32) It is so quick and easy to apply, that this is the perfect product to add to your skin before heading to the gym. Smooth a pea size amount all over and you immediately look better somehow! It doesn’t make you look like you have tried too much either, which I LOVE. Although I go to the effort of doing these things for the gym, I don’t really want to look like I do!


Now put on your ELLESPORT kit, pop on some lip balm and tie that hair up high and have a great workout!

Love Sooz x