toned body

1. Enjoy it

Make it a lifestyle that you enjoy and makes you feel good; that way, you are more likely to achieve your goals. Don’t do something if you don’t enjoy it, switch it for a different exercise. (If you are unsure on what to switch it for, ask a gym instructor or your personal trainer.)


2. Drink water

Women should be drinking two litres of water a day, whereas men; its three. Keeping yourself well hydrated will not only make you look younger, it can help to avoid headaches and maintain the health of the discs in your spine. This will give good mobility for longer and help to avoid later injury.


3. Be patient

Lifestyle change through exercise and nutrition isn’t achieved in a short period of time. For true health through exercise and nutrition, you would be looking at a much longer period to achieve optimal results. Remember balance is key and everything takes time. Take slow steps to achieve the best results.


4. Set achievable goals

To help you achieve your ultimate goal, it has to be achievable and graduated. Time is key and ensuring you have a realistic amount of time to achieve your goals is the most important thing. You need to set short, medium and long term achievable goals. When you achieve these goals, it is important to praise/treat yourself.


5. Be positive

Think about the good things and praise yourself for how far you’ve come. Serotonin is released when our minds are in a happy place, this will help you to overcome any paid you currently carry.