Just thinking about working out in the winter makes us want to curl up in our bed and do nothing all day, let alone the idea of working out outdoors! However, working out in the cold is extremely good for you, we have found all the cool advantages (pardon the pun) of working out in this colder weather.


In the cold, your body works harder to regulate its core temperature among the elements, this means you will burn more calories. The cold also makes your heart work harder to distribute blood throughout the body.


Because sweat evaporates more quickly into chilly, dry air, staying hydrated is the most important factor in minimalizing the dangers when working out in the cold. Just remember this mantra: “Don’t wait to feel thirsty to hydrate.”


You get a surprising dose of vitamin D. Just because you can’t see or feel the sun, doesn’t mean it’s not there giving you extra sun exposure to supply you with the same critical nutrients as the warmer months.


Working out in cold weather can boost your mood. This is all down to the lack of humidity (which creates that heavy air feeling in the warmer months) and the stimulating aspect of the chill. Your body will work harder to stay warm, increasing the number of endorphins produced, leaving you with a sense of happiness and lightness following your winter workouts.