Here at ELLESPORT HQ we are very lucky to have such a talented team, including (Lord) Tim Creese our Technical and Sourcing Manager.


Qualifying in 1980 as a sportswear designer from Loughborough University, Tim then became the Designer for Speedo Europe in Nottingham. During his time at University, Tim was a member of the British Decathlon squad trying to master the 10 athletic disciplines. Tim also remained a member of the Loughborough Athletics and gymnastics teams during this time.

Tim has been competing in Athletics for 44 years now and says that his biggest highlight was ‘becoming British Masters Champion in 1998 in the Javelin and subsequently representing the UK in an international competition in Holland in both Javelin and Shot Putt.’

Tim hopes to win his 100th gold medal this year before retiring from the County Championship. Which will be difficult as he now gives 25 years to younger competitors, but here at ELLESPORT HQ we believe this is possible because of his dedication and motivation. We will all be behind him and supporting him as he achieves his last ever County Championship gold medal.


With his practical knowledge of Physiology, Training techniques and Explosive Performance, which links perfectly to his textiles background, Tim has coached the Local Rugby team for 4 years as a Power coach. His passion for fabric technology has meant Tim has been directly involved in some of the major Performance fabric developments which help the Designers create beautiful and practical sportswear to rival any other brand, a claim to which Tim feels ‘completely qualified’.