Guest blogger: Sooz Mac: Professional makeup artist for over 10 years, tells us how to look great on holiday without wasting hours in front of the mirror.


How to look good naked, almost ;)


Summer is fast approaching and here at suzannemac I am ready to look holiday ready! I am longing a low maintenance look that will help me prep ready for my hols. Now I love loads of different types of holidays, so I have decided to share with you how I look good on any holiday in a few simple steps!


1: It's all in the eyes

My number 1 is eyelashes!! Last year I was introduced to something revolutionary....LVL Enhance by Nouveau Lashes. Now when I heard about this I wasn't sure about what all the fuss was about!? A natural lift and tint to the lashes? What’s the big deal?? That was, until I tried it! I can admit when I am wrong about something (which can be often!) and this was one of those things. Immediately after the treatment my eyes looked more open and my lashes were as they advertised, lifted, tinted and looked longer in length (this is because they lift the lashes from the root). The procedure took around 40-45 mins and I literally felt no discomfort! Treatment prices range by location, but I live in the midlands and mine cost me £52 which I felt was really good value for me. My therapist told me that the results would last 6-8 weeks and they really did! These are now a must for my holidays and I will not be going away without them.


2: Glow from head to toe

A low maintenance holiday must! This is something that I would struggle to live without all year round. But for my holidays I now find it really important, and that is my ST Tropez tan! I got married in Crete 2 years ago and I was just too busy when we got there to sit back, relax and tan! I was getting married for goodness sake and needed to tie those last minute bits together! Luckily I anticipated this and purchased my tanning products before we left and off I went! Now, I have personally worked with ST Tropez for about 8 years and have always loved their products 12 months of the year. However I hadn't really used it for my holidays before. So once I did, I knew that it wouldn't be the last time! We flew on the Sunday morning so I planned to use my Bronzing Mousse the night before to ensure the longest longevity of tan! I prepped throughout the week with my ST Tropez exfoliating polish and used it one last time the Friday night. It really does make all the difference, and what’s a couple more minutes in the shower when your going to achieve your perfect tan!? I applied my self tanning bronzing mousse all over with a tanning mitt and went to bed, allowing it to develop over the said 8 hours. When you wake up you are always darker, so don't be alarmed!! Jump in the shower and gently wash it all off and step out to a perfect glowing tan! I always choose to use the ST Tropez body moisturiser too to prolong my tan which really helps, and I take away my tan boost with me to literally boost it along the way and voila! Tan and lashes done, your almost there!


3: Nails nails nails....

Last but not least is my nails for my low maintenance holiday musts! The best thing to come out in the last 10 years for me in the nail industry is Shellac 14 day gel polish. This is the fuss free MUST for nails. Treatments takes around 30 minutes for hands and again for toes, with many salons like the one I use offering a luxury version of this. I would always go luxury shellac feet for my holidays, it buffs away at your dead winter skin, leaving your feet soft and beautiful again! The colours are endless and you can even add sparkle to them too, perfect for the sunshine. I am a nightmare when it comes to nail polish lasting on me! But I can honestly say that this does the trick! 14 days chip free is not false hope for us out there that chips a nail polish within hours of having them done! I pay between £27 and £39.50 per treatment depending on what it is I am having done.


There you have it!! How to rock up on your holidays looking fab but with a low maintenance look! All that’s left to do is enjoy your holiday fuss free! These are the best treatments to keep you looking fresh and toned in your swimsuit, no matter where you go!

Happy Holidays

Sooz x