Loose fitting clothing is an accident waiting to happen when working out, particularly if your exercising with bikes or other equipment that your clothing could get caught in. This also works with tight fitting clothing. If your clothes are too tight, they will become uncomfortable when working out, making you sweat more and slowing you down. At ELLESPORT we use Dri-Activ material which is a finish on the fabric that keeps you dry while working out.


At ELLESPORT our favourite tights for working out in, would have to be our Mantaris sleek, mesh panelled sports tight. With a mesh panel on the back of the leg, the deep breathing of these leggings means you sweat is almost non-existent. We recommend tights like this for working out in as the tight fabric makes it easier for you to travel faster and further.

Mantaris Legging

 Most forms of exercise make your breasts bounce up and down, regardless of their size. Now this isn’t funny, in fact it can pose serious risks to your health. Our breasts are made up of different layers; fatty tissue is surrounded by skin and fragile ligaments called ‘Coopers ligaments’. Once Coopers ligaments are stretched or broken down, they will begin to sag and there is no going back from this. Investing in the right sports bra is key, especially in the long run if you don’t want saggy boobs. We recommend our bras as they come with removable pads and have extra tight elastic, which offers the ultimate support. By wearing a sports bra, you can also eliminate that annoying underwire that constantly digs in.

Mantaris bra

Here at ELLESPORT, we have specially designed support vests with an added bust shelf for the ultimate support, you can wear this vest, with or without a sports bra. We recommend our Mantaris mesh panel support vest. With Dri-Activ material and a large mesh panel on the back, you can’t go wrong with this vest, it has all the support you need for working out.

 Mantaris vest

Unlike others on the market, our swimsuits have tummy control on the front AND the back; when you first put them on, they feel tight but this is just the super suction working its magic!