ELLESPORT has been lucky enough to work with talented Charlotte Lescott at Aquatiser to make a limited edition ELLESPORT Water Infusers. The water infuser allows you to create flavoured water throughout the day.

ELLESPORT Water Infuser

So how does it work?


So what are the health benefits?

  • - Water is important for rehydration and replacing fluid losses.
  • - The fruits and vegetables used in Aquatiser bottle provide plenty of anti-oxidants to protect and strengthen the immune system.
  • - The water is free from added sugar, preservatives, sweeteners and artificial flavouring.
  • - Aquatiser also encourages eating your 5-a-day, by consuming the fruit / vegetables in the bottle after use.
  • - Water helps clean and detoxify your body, by flushing out all the bad chemicals.
  • - Water will keep your skin looking young with a beautiful glow.
  • - Water will reduce headaches and make you feel less tired.
  • - Water will improve the circulation and get your blood flowing, which will also make you feel re-energised.
  • - Water regulates body temperature

Do you always feel tired a lot?

Mild dehydration is one of the most common causes of fatigue. Just a 2% drop in our hydration levels can trigger symptoms of dehydration. 

 Content from Charlotte @ Aquatiser